How to Track Train:
Type TR  train no/train code send to 16318
Train number can be found into the original printed Train ticket or in the tables above.

Charge: Per SMS  BDT 4  *VAT, SD and SC applicable

  • Train Travelers can get current location of a train in real time with 5 sec pulse
  • Train passengers can get train status, departure time, next station, next stoppage, actual delay time from SMS reply content
  • Users can also get any unexpected event information like trip cancellation notice, Transshipment etc with prior confirmation received from Bangladesh Rail process.
  • Travelers no need to wait for uncertain time at station for their desired train; rather they can plan their trip in accordance to information received from the service staying at home.

Train Tracker ( ট্রেন ট্র্যাকিং) – Bangladesh
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